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posted in: Landing page software | 0 | 25 August 2023

With the large number of landing page creators out there it can be difficult to find the one that’s just for you or the one that works the best or even the cheapest. There are many reviews out there you can go to on specific landing pages you have in mind but even then you don’t know for sure until you try them and many of which don’t offer a trial version or a test landing page. So you’re basically walking blind folded into a purchase and you may not even like the product. However the one that has been chosen for consideration in this is Lander App.

Now Lander is a very great landing page creator for a number of reasons behind this statement. It offers multiple packages depending on what type of business you’re a part of. There are packages for a very small business, assuming you’re just starting. It gives you a low number of visitors and minimal features because you probably will not need much if you’re just starting (does offer unlimited landing pages however which is amazing). Given this packages low price, it’s a great deal because you’ll make the money back within a day or two for the monthly cost. The larger package is for those of who have a extremely large exisiting business and can use the given features to the full potential, otherwise you might as well get the one lower.

Finding out if Lander is write for you couldn’t be any easier because they offer a free trial with one of their moderate packages which will, no doubt, be enough to evaluate it and determine whether or not Lander App is meant for you.

Although their template selection for landing pages could use some work on expanding, the landing pages within the templates offer great customization and are a breeze to use. It won’t take you long until you become the master at creating landing pages in a matter of minutes.

I know what you’re wondering and yes. Lander does have 3rd party features which allow you to use things like Getresponse with Lander. This means you’re able to take your leads you get from Lander, and put them on your email list from GetResponse. This is extremely convienant and will save you a lot of time.

Lander also allows you to split test pages by making an A/b comparison tool. You can create two different landing pages and have them be used at the same time to determine which one performs the best to improve further landing pages.

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